Приглашаем всех принять участие в 15 минутной медитации в поддержку жертвам трагедии в Японии. В Краснодаре мы ждем вас в 14.00 19 марта, в субботу в Спирит Клубе - http://www.shin-do.ru/spirit-club 

Everybody is invited to share love and support our japanese friends who really need help in these hard times after the earthquake and the explosion of the nuclear centre in Fukushima. 

You can meditate sitting with the hands in your heart, or you can dance, sing, paint…anything which makes easier to share your beauty and love. The important thing is to focus your intention on supporting Japan.
The meditation lasts 15 minutes and starts on Saturday 19/3/2011 at 14.00 pm (Moscow time zone)


Resources related to the 2011 Japan Crisis

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